Here are Four Things you Need to Eat to Get Healthy Hard-Ons

The answer to stronger, harder, and longer erections is in your refrigerator. You don’t need the little blue pull to get hard and perform at your best in bed. What you need is a change in diet and lifestyle. There is a long list of healthy food items that are scientifically proven to help men with their erections.

Men value their ability to perform well in bed. And in order to be at their best, erections need to happen first. But what if you have the libido, but are having a hard time getting it up and working? The good news is that there are many natural ways to up your game in bed, and keep those erections consistent. Foods are rich sources of nutrients. If you keep on feeding the body with nutritious food items, healthy erections are 100% guaranteed!

  • Cloves

Cloves are usually used in the preparation of spicy and hearty meals, and are commonly added into the garam masala spice mix. Cloves increase the body temperature, which allows for healthy flow of blood to the penile region.

  • Whole Grains

Carbohydrates play a role in increasing the energy levels that can be utilized for various activities. Erection is highly dependent on the amount of energy that you have too. Instead of consuming regular carbs, make sure to purchase whole grains instead.

  • Pork

Pork contains high levels of Vitamin B1- a nutrient that enables the body to perform quick reflexes. A healthy nervous system ensures that you are able to achieve and sustain healthy erections longer.

  • Fennel

Fennel helps in detoxification as it gets rid of toxins from the body. This delicious spice efficiently cleans up our system, so men can be rest assured of stronger and harder erections.

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Cleanse your Colon with these Two Powerful and Safe Ingredients

Detoxification is an important cleansing process that facilitates the elimination of toxic chemicals, parasites, mucus, and other decal deposits along the colon. As the colon processes a large amount of solid food waste and fluids on a daily basis, the accumulation of toxic waste is almost inevitable. Cleansing the colon of these toxins that may have accumulated over time will improve digestive functioning and even improve one’s sense of overall health and wellbeing too.

If you are suffering from health issues such as constipation, weight gain, unhealthy skin and nails and kidney problems, these maybe caused by a colon that is not working properly. If you want to improve your health and stay away from illness, this simple body detox recipe is definitely for you!

What you need

  • Flax seed flour
  • Kefir

These are the only two ingredients that you will ever need to improve the functioning of your colon by way of detoxification.

The benefits that can be derived from drinking this natural remedy are as follows:

  • boost metabolic rate
  • effectively reduce excessive weight gain
  • treat symptoms associated with gastritis, stomach ulcers, and colitis
  • prevent the development of urinary tract infections
  • prevent the incidence of cystitis
  • treat the symptoms associated with upper urinary tract infection

All that you need to do is to increase water intake up to 2 liters per day. Mix at least 3 tablespoons of flax seed flour and 150 ml of kefir. Do this colon detox at least once a year!