A year ago today, my sweet friend Kerry dropped me off at the Indianapolis airport with some hugs and I was off to New York.Harlem

I arrived completely turned around and completely exhausted.

I can’t believe how much has changed since that day.

Grant it, I’m still often turned around and almost always exhausted, but to think of all that has happened since then is just insane!  The amount of experiences I’ve had (Adventures) and lessons I’ve learned (City Living) during this year is simply astounding. I can hands-down declare that I have never grown more in my little life than I have in this last year.  I’m proud to say I’ve survived my first year.

And YOU little blog have been such a joy. Happy Anniversary to you as well!  Looking back now at some of my earliest posts, it is pretty hilarious how far I’ve come.  I look back on my first year here and all the adventures fondly and documenting these moments will definitely be priceless.

In some ways, I feel like I just got here. There are so many more places to go, sites to see, things to do.  In other ways, I feel like I’ve been here for ages. I mean, I found my first (and second and third) grey hair this year!

There have been definite ups and downs. And I can’t say that I’m completely in love with New York like this person, but New York has given me my dream job, numerous opportunities, and a life of my own. And I’m very thankful for that. And I think my relationship with New York is just going to get better with time.

So here’s to you New York, you crazy-ass city. May the next year be as sweet as Magnolia’s Bakery banana pudding and nothing like the putrid smell of city trash!

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Or enjoy my Instadump of my favorite shots of the city that is now my own:


Tennants take Manhattan

Washington Square Park

West Village

The “Friends Apartment”

Times Square


Grand Central

Central Park

Lincoln Center

Bryant Park

Times Square (again)

Upper West Side Brunch

Riverside Park

Walking the High Line

And then the bike tour…

And that was only the first weekend! The Tennant Family has hit New York and with full force!!

My cousins and aunt and uncle are spending the whole week in New York and this last weekend was jam packed! Such a fun time though and so great to spend quality time with the West Coast Family!

I love when people come to visit cause I’m always able to gauge how much better I know the city as well. This time, the reference to Google maps was few and far between! Yay! But after spending a whole week scouring the city, I’m pretty sure the Tennant clan will know this city better than I do!

Here is  a brief look at some of our adventures!

the friends apartment new york

Hannah found the Friends apartment!

Robbie’s reaction to Times Square

The cousins in Brooklyn!

Williamsburg Smorgasburg… best ice cream ever. Salted Crack Caramel

Williamsburg Smorgasburg

Lemonade at Williamsburg Smorgasburg

Aunt Laurie investigating Sheeps Meadow

100 coke flavors!

We were all pretty amazed by the soda machine at McDonalds before hitting the High Line

Exhausted on the High Line

Robbie had to take a break